Smokin Dragon Bottled BBQ Sauces

Dragon's Song



 A sweet B.B.Q. sauce with Wisconsin maple syrup and subtle undertones of ginger, cloves, and chocolate. With just a wee bit of heat, this sauce provides a symphony of flavor to make your senses sing.

Dragon's Original

This is our closest to a traditional Kansas City B.B.Q. style sauce with just a bit of heat. This sweet & savory sauce pairs perfectly with almost any grilled or B.B.Q.’d food.

Dragon's Lust

Our favorite sauce. with a complex blend of spices and sweet savory heat, This sauce has the perfect combination of heat to highlight undertones of ginger, cinnamon and chocolate.

Dragon's Fire

The sauce with the heart of a dragon. A sweet & spicy B.B.Q. sauce made with Thai Bird’s Eye Peppers, Ghost Peppers and balanced with subtle undertones of cinnamon, cloves and allspice.